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About the product

espio-senorDependably on the job - Completely out of sight

Sensor Espio™ is a very discreet pool alarm.
It is the only fall sensing alarm system designed to install underneath pool coping where it is out of sight and out of the way.

espio-senorSensor Espio™ can perfectly be integrated to most existing or under construction swimming pools, thanks to its multi support system. Moreover its innovative design allows it to be compatible with a large majority of automatic pool covers.

Equipped with a powerful integrated siren and a remote alarm to place in the dwelling, Sensor Espio™ is simple to install and easy to use thanks to its remote control.

Perhaps most important for you to know is that Sensor Espio™ is based on technology proven in more than 300,000 pools worldwide. Aquasensor technology is clearly the global standard. This is a product you can trust.


espio-senor • Sensor Espio™ comes with a convenient wireless, handheld remote on/off control. For safety sake, it is designed with a limited range of 10' to require pool inspection before disarming. This is a critical design feature for maximum safety.

• Sensor Espio™ allows installation on pools with automatic pool covers.

• For pool owner convenience, the wireless indoor alarm has an extensive 100' range.

• Although totally waterproof, Sensor Espio™ must be half immerged, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, in order to work properly.

• For convenience and safety, Sensor Espio™ automatically rearms itself a few minutes after swimmers leave the pool.

espio-senor• Installation is simple and fast on new or existing pools. All hardware and simple instructions are provided, including required batteries.

• As another indicator of Sensor Espio™ quality and reliability, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. As you can see, Sensor Espio™ anticipates and meets all the challenges for a pool alarm that’s effective, dependable, simple to install and operate, and yet invisible on the job. As you take steps to prevent the heartbreak of pool-related accidents, rely on Sensor Espio™ as your proven and positive line of defense.

SPECIAL NOTE : Exclusive Aquasensor Technology minimizes false alarms. Upon installation and initial start-up of Sensor Espio™ , all pool operating systems should be operating (filter pump, waterfall, fountain, cleaner, etc.). Sensor Espio™ self-calibrates to its environment during the first 10 minutes of operation so it "knows" not to activate its alarm as the result of these normal water disturbances.

Tech specs


• Exclusive Aquasensor Technology
• ASTM F2208-02 Certified
• Exclusive under-coping installation
• Strong poolside alarm- 100 db
• Strong indoor wireless remote alarm (85db) with 100' range
• On/off remote control with 10' range-requires pool inspection before disarming
• Effective in pools up to 20' x 50' (1,000sft)
• Automatic rearming after bathing
• Poolside unit dimensions: 10.5" x 8" x 2.2"
• Compatible with auto pool covers
• Poolside unit totally waterproof
• All installation hardware included
• Alarm Failure signals
• Low battery light
• Batteries included (4 "D")
• Chemical and UV-resistant materials of construction
• Two-year limited warranty
• UL listed
• NSF certified